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Aviano & Desert Ridge Thoughts

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Blog by Doug Ingersoll | December 10th, 2014

I just received excellent service from Haim at Scottsdale H2O Works. Keep them in mind for your pool needs. 480.513.4110 and the website is http://www.scottsdaleh2o.com

A trend I have noticed this year in Aviano: Move Ups. Folks selling Ocotillo and Cassia Collection homes and buying Desert Willow, Cottonwood or Mesquite Collection homes.

A few months ago Feedburner became a conflict for the folks that host my websites. Since then I have made some significant modifications to them in an effort to keep up with the website Jonses'. The best way to get copied on blog posts now is to follow me on Twitter  https://twitter.com/dougingersoll  or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DesertRidgeBlog

I don't have a team. Neither does Kathy. We do all the minutia on transactions ourselves. After years of managing hotels for Marriott, I prefer to not be an employer. If I make a mistake, I sit down with one of the dogs and coach and counsel myself. 

Webcam is coming. Everyone and their relative I talk to says video or 'vlogging' is the future. Millenials et al apparently can't be bothered with the printed page. So I will be giving this a try. God help us all.

Neighbor Sam sent this article on whether to lease or buy. From the Washington Post "Older couple weighs the risks of buying versus renting". Takeaways? Those that suck at math are doomed. Also with the low interest rates we have now you should buy. Never see it again - for decades I believe. Thanks Sam.

The group of buildings that surround Pita Jungle in Desert Ridge have been sold. Here is the article. You can just feel how bullish folks are on our area of Phoenix. How much longer before City North gets off it's knees? Sooner rather than later I bet.