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Aviano Homes for Sale - ARMLS Statistics

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Blog by Doug Ingersoll | March 8th, 2013

Click here for the latest issue of STAT from the fine folks at Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service. They are the repository of all the MLS data and provide analysis of that data. One paragraph on the last summary page caught my eye: "Lack of work, along with Arizona’s stiff immigration policies, enacted in 2008 with the requirement for employers to check workers’ legal status with the federal eVerify database and in 2010 with SB1070, drove many skilled laborers out of Arizona. Such laws are not likely to entice lower paid, skilled workers back to Arizona any time soon. The consequences could be longer construction times and higher wages for legal skilled workers, which will inevitably inflate the cost of a new home."

Just guessing that there are not many countries that would allow folks to just walk in and start working.