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Aviano Homes for Sale - Lay of the land

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Blog by Doug Ingersoll | February 27th, 2013

The next real estate meeting is 3.6.13 at the Aviano community center. There is no agenda for this other than the opportunity to sit in those DeLuxe seats around the conference table. If you have a question about Aviano, real estate or Desert Ridge, stop by. Here is some additional information including a short video to put you to sleep. Any edgy aspiring film makers that want to help me pep it up with quick cuts, etc. step right up.

There are currently 7 homes listed as active - without accepted contracts on them - in Aviano.

Velez normal sale at 22503 N. 39th Terrace listed at $580K or $152 a sq ft.
Borrego normal sale at 3971 E. Herrera Drive listed at $590K or $191 a sq ft.
Velez short sale at 22702 N. 39th Terrace listed at $599K or $158 a sq ft.
Strada normal sale at 22511 N. 39th Terrace listed at $599,900 or $172 a sq ft.
La Bella normal sale at 3931 E. Crest listed at $720K or $203 a sq ft.
Terraza normal sale at 3920 E. Williams Dr listed at $988K or $213 a sq ft.
Mirador normal sale at 3836 E. Expedition Way listed at $995K or $145 a sq ft.
This home has a 1727 sq ft basement with a 5123 sq ft house on top of it. That's how you get $145 a sq ft on a $995K house. Age old question; should basement sq ft be counted the same as up top? I say yes. Toll finished these basements and most were upgraded to some degree from what I have seen. Pretty cool sitting in one with a temp of 82 (without AC on) when it is 116 outside. Note also there is only one short sale which is part of the reason prices are heading north. Not much distress going on nowadays which is fantastic for all.

The normal sale Serrantina model at 22323 North Freemont Road sold for $490K with the buyer using a conventional loan. Built in 2006 with 2777 sq ft, 4/3.5 and 2 car garage. Congratulations to our new neighbor.

The highly upgraded Solaria model at 3521 East Robin Lane leased for $3000 a month unfurnished.