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Aviano Sales Year to Date

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Blog by Doug Ingersoll | September 5th, 2014

I went through MLS and the tax records and updated the solds year to date in Aviano. Almost identical in terms of the number of sales 44 versus 42 through 9.4. But the average of the sales prices has increased. In 2013 two story homes averaged $159 and single story $163 a sq ft. This year two story homes are avaraging $171 and single story $184.

I really do think we wont see much improvement in the 2014 numbers by the end of the year and I hope I am wrong. Historically things slow down - especially the Thanksgiving to MLK Day 2015 which is 1.19.15. I was aked at the community center this morning if we are in a normal market now. Yes on inventory but not really on demand. Has been soft this year. If demand were to come back strong we would actually not have enough inventory believe it or not.

Things happen in waves. July had 6; August had 1. There were 65 sales in total last year. Every extremity crossed we blow that number away. Click HERE for the updated solds sheet. You can also find it under the Aviano tab at the top.