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Economics and Great Real Estate Reading

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Blog by Doug Ingersoll | January 25th, 2016

From Elliott Eisenberg: "Wage and productivity growth are scant, exports, energy, agriculture and mining are weak, the manufacturing sector is in recession and unsurprisingly GDP growth is sluggish. At the same time job growth is good, unemployment is low, and the service sector is doing well. And that's the key. As a post-industrial economy, services account for 86% of the US workforce. A solidly performing service sector will keep us out of recession.
Neighbor Sam has been busy lately.

From the Washington Post - "Why asking for too much when first listing your home can cost you big bucks" This concept applies everywhere. And it is all true.
"When selling a house avoid awkward misunderstandings over fixtures and furnishings" Very simple to avoid said awkwardness. Before the home goes on the market take everything that does not convey to the buyer out. If that is not possible, outline in excruciating detail - down to the model and serial number - things that don't convey on the purchase contract. 

Thanks Sam.