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Great Real Estate Reading 10.25.15

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Blog by Doug Ingersoll | October 25th, 2015

The Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Central Arizona got a check for $259,555 thanks to a car wash held at Desert Ridge Marketplace. Check it out HERE.

Neighbor Sam sent 3 articles from the Washington Post all real estate related:

"Thinking of buying at a foreclosure auction? Better do your research." Wiser words were never spoken. However and thankfully this is not a viable option for most in Arizona as there are hardly any auctioned off anymore. In 2010 it was around 400 a day. Today it might be 2. So that second paragragh must be talking about somewhere else.

"Rent vs Buy: The three questions Boomers should be asking themselves" is great advice to begin figuring things out. 

"How to respond to your neighbor's request for a zoning change" is a general overview of the process. In Desert Ridge it all goes through the architectural subcommittee of the Desert Ridge HOA. Thanks Sam