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Observations and STAT

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Blog by Doug Ingersoll | September 12th, 2014

My CPAP machine fell off the nightstand last week causing some of the settings to get messed up. Yes I know I'm not the sexiest man alive but I don't snore and get better rem sleep. In the past you had to take the machine to a place to get it recalibrated. Not anymore. Simply Google a phrase and presto - do it yourself. Consumers can do that today with real estate. Your parents relied solely on information they got from their Realtor. YOU now have the ability to see ALL the information you need to educate yourself on what is available to you. Every Saturday I post comparative market analysis and DesertRidgeBlog.com has that information on each neighborhood. The consumer is in the drivers seat and that is a good thing. Do call me to help you close the deal!

Had a colonoscopy yesterday and want you to know what a great job Dr. Shapiro did. When you get to a certain age you need to have your muffler checked out. Dr. Shapiro can be reached at 480.657.3400. Folks we have worked with in the past and had great experiences with can be found under the "Tools" tab on BlogAviano.com and Desert RidgeBlog.com. The page is called Vendors to call.

The current issue of STAT is out from the fine folks at ARMLS. Click HERE to read it. They manage the database and have the info. The analysis at the end is right on. Please call me if you have any questions.