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Real Estate Marketing

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Blog by Doug Ingersoll | December 30th, 2012

Got a newspaper like marketing piece in the mail a couple of days ago. Just now getting around to looking at the half dozen or so websites promoted on it.

There is a strata of person out there who is attracted to come ons, "must knows" for sellers, free computerized lists of sales, secret marketing techniques, beat out other buyers for that house gimmicks, etc. All websites go to canned information and a sign up page to collect your information.

All that market information is free and current on either www.BlogAviano.com or DesertRidge.com. Real time MLS, a weekly statistical analysis of every area of Desert Ridge and the MLS listings and statistic of every sale in Desert Ridge for the last year is there. And it is free. 

If it makes you feel more covert, you can put a bag over your head with holes for your eyes and and see this "secret" information. I get that there are folks that would rather stick pins in their eyes than interact with a Realtor. Not all are like the public perception. But if you dig the secret stuff feel free to do what you have to do. Just plain old normal, non - invasive assistance spoken here.

I have a monthly time reserved at the Aviano community center if you would like to say hello in person. Next "meeting" is Wednesday at 6:30 PM. More info here. You can use an alias if it makes you more comfortable.