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The Pace of Aviano Sales

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Blog by Doug Ingersoll | May 5th, 2017

Here are the sales per square foot prices of Aviano and the number of sales each year:

The number of homes sold averages 56 over the last 13 years. When it all hit the fan there were
lots of bargain opportunities hence the elevated number of sales. So far this year there were 11
in the first quarter. So I would say 44 over the course of the year is a slow down. Why?

Here is the most recent year long analysis:
screenshot (11).jpeg

The number of sales has been very consistant over the last year at 15 a quarter. What has changed in recent history is the number of homes for sale.
5 Cassia, 9 Ocotillo, 7 Palo Verde, 9 Desert Willow, 4 Cottonwood and 4 Mesquite. In general the available homes stay in that proportion over time. Sanctuary has been an option for buyers for the last 2-3 years and may have suppressed numbers of Aviano sales from 2014 on. What I really think is the culprit is time. 1. Many original owners are moving on after 10-13 years. The old rule of thumb is 7 years for turnover of a neighborhood so that is right in line with the mayhem and larger number of sales 2009-2011. 50 sales a year should be the rule of thumb for Aviano. What will be interesting to watch is the effect of Sky Crossing on our little real estate terrarium.