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The Way To View Sky Crossing From Aviano

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Blog by Doug Ingersoll | May 13th, 2017

Many folks are concerned about the effect of Sky Crossing on Aviano housing. This is based on the highly entertaining
interactions I get from those annoying popup things on my websites. There is some confusion over the number of homes going in 
over there. Taylor Morrison reps tell me 1200 units (600 each from TM and Pulte) on the same 410 acres as Aviano which has 902
single family. The Sky Crossing Development Plan says 1640 units. Either way a significant change to the area. Kids there will be
going to Wildfire until the new elementary school is built. Traffic pattern changes to be sure. 
The interest in the number of units is the extent that lots/amenities/space will all be noticeably smaller.
Drive Fireside and compare feel to Aviano. Therein is our cache - space. Roughly analogous to the 
homes built off of Ranger and Tatum when Desert Ridge began. They have held and gained in value
over time. 
If you are thinking of selling do it now or wait 5 years and don't worry about housing. There will be a skimming off of demand that will 
return to normal once Sky Crossing is sold out. But lots of folks found prices at Sanctuary a little steep once upgrades are factored
in so we may do a good business with Sky Crossing wannabees. If you look at the sold price per square foot of Aviano each year,
(except for the dark times that will not happen again) this has and will continue to be a great investment. I honestly think it will be
ok - a few bumps - but overall good. Long term is the view.

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there.