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Two Great Real Estate Articles 11.3.15

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Blog by Doug Ingersoll | November 3rd, 2015

Neighbor Sam sent this article on "How to contest the tax assessment on your home" from the Washington Post. Here is great advice: "Another important element is how your home compares with other homes. If your home is one of 20 identical homes in your neighborhood, but yours has a value that is 20 percent higher, you have to wonder why it isn’t uniformly valued when compared to the other identical homes. While it’s rare to have truly identical homes (condition and decorating vary), there are ways to compare homes and see what homes have recently sold for in your neighborhood. Using all of this information would assist you in telling the taxing body your home’s true value is lower." Where do you think you can find this information? Try BlogAviano.com and DesertRidgeBlog.com. Past sales are all there. Thanks Sam.

And from KTAR - which stands for Keep Taking Arizona Republic, really - "Phoenix housing market already good for sellers, getting better for buyers". As the year comes to an end it looks like market equilibrium is getting closer. Just in the last week in Desert Ridge there were 13 new single family home listings.